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Home Theatre

All sound systems require at least a small amount of speaker wiring. Although there are solutions available to share music throughout the house using various WIFI solutions, hard wiring for sound systems and surround sound systems, often referred to as home theatre systems, especially if planned out at the time that the home is built, will save the homeowner time and money while usually achieving the best quality. All sound systems need to have considerations made to control the sound as well as a hard wire going from the amplifier to the speakers.

Home Theatres

Home Theatre

Home Theatres and surround sound systems are two different descriptions for very similar products. Usually when we refer to a surround sound system we are talking about a media system installed into a family room or other similar room which is an open room which is connected to one or more other rooms like a kitchen or dining room without a door or other closable partition. A home theatre on the other hand is a dedicated media room which can be separated from any adjacent rooms by closing the door. Generally these rooms also have full control of the light entering the area as there may not be any windows, or the windows have some sort of black out blinds. Most of these “home theatres” have a projected image, while others use big screen TV’s. Regardless of the type of room or screen installed in either of these applications, they basically have all the same type of components.

Preparing a room to be a home theatre or surround sound system, if the home is under construction, usually costs less than ten percent of the cost of the TV or projector alone. A good designer will prepare the area in such a way as to make it easily updateable should the design of the high definition (HDMI) wiring require to be updated as it has over the past couple of years and we know it will be in the foreseeable future.

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