The power head and accessories

The power head:

We carry both types of power heads, air driven and electric.

Electrical power heads:


    • Quieter operation
    • Works better with weak vacuum


    • Many potential points of failure.
    • Motors burn out
    • Wires in hose or power head short or fail
    • Requires more expensive hose
    • More expensive to repair
    • Requires more repairs
    • Cannot tell if vacuum is working properly.

Turbo power heads (Air Driven):


    • No motor to burn out
    • No electrical wires to burn up.
    • Lighter hose.
    • Gets into corners better.
    • Outlasts electrical power heads 2:1
    • Vacuum must be working properly in order to perform properly.


    • Cannot pick up all large debris such as sticks, socks, Kleenex etc.
    • Louder operation

Tool Sets

Light weight easy to use made from quality plastic and only using horsehair brushes.

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