The Hose

The Hayden Superhoses that we carry have several advantages over the cheaper replicas that many suppliers are now including with their vacuums:

  • The plastic is made of higher quality and will not split or crack for many years. These hoses also have a swivel handle which allows you to undo any coils or loops in the hose, which are sure to happen as you are vacuuming, without turning the entire hose around.
  • All our vacuum systems include one and three eights inch diameter hoses. While most retailers are selling less expensive one and a quarter inch hoses with their vacuums. The one and three eights inch hoses are twenty one percent larger in cross section area than the standard hoses resulting in substantially increased airflow.
  • Hayden Super hoses are one of the few vacuum hoses that are repairable. Should this hose split, crack or wear out near either of the ends, (which sometimes happens to a hose when it is 15 to 20 years old,) they are repairable for little or no cost.
  • The hose handle is made of high quality, rigid plastic which is not too brittle, so if it gets dropped, it is unlikely to crack split or break.