The Canister

Without a good, powerful motor and a great filtration system, sustained performance is not possible.                                                                                   

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The Hayden SuperVac central vacuum canister:   True Cyclonic Filtration!      No Bag to get clogged!        Washable, Reusable Filter!    

The vacuum canister is the most important core component of a complete central vacuum system. The Hayden SuperVac lines of central vacuum canisters are the only vacuums which integrate the industry’s best motors along with the most advanced filtration system. Most central vacuum canisters use an inverted cloth bag to filter out the dust from the motor, the SuperVac design is unique in that it combines true cyclonic filtration with an eco friendly washable re-usable cartridge filter. The key to this design is that it filters out over ninety percent of the dirt using a process rather than a permeable filter. This is the reason system performance remains extremely high until the vacuum can is almost full. Hayden has also added an LED display to indicate when the filter is due to be cleaned.

Cleaning the filter is simply done by removing the dirt canister, unscrewing the filter retainer disk and removing the filter for washing. Grohovac Installations recommends spraying the filter off outside with a hose. The filter must be dry before re-inserting it into the central vacuum. Grohovac Installations always stocks spare filters if the customer would like a spare filter to insert while the first one is drying. The current life expectancy on a cartridge filter is ten years under normal use.


Central Vacuum vs HEPA

In conventional vacuum cleaner designs, bags stop visible dirt from being blown back into the room after the vacuum has picked the dirt up from the floor. Air and dirt entered the vacuum bag; the dirt stopped and the air continued through the bag and back into the home.

SuperVac™ does not use bags. You simply empty the SuperVac™ dirt receptacle 2 or 3 times a year and wash the filter as described above.

Today we know the portable or canister vacuum bag allows microscopic, harmful particles to pass through primary filtration with the air. The industry is developing better vacuum filters,  called HEPA filters to capture the tiny, invisible particles as well as the bigger, visible ones.
Fortunately, central vacuums avoid blowing air back into the home by their design . Instead, exhaust air is blown outdoors if the vacuum is properly vented. So why does SuperVac™ even need filters?

  1. To protect the fans and motor from a dust buildup that could shorten motor life.
  2. To remove visible dirt before it can be blown outdoors in an unsightly way.

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